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[Monday, 7:32 pm

[SMS: Mere] No, not fine. What happened? - M

[Monday, 9:05 pm]

[SMS: Matty] I told you I’m fine, love. If it were important, then I’d tell you. As it stands the complexity creates difficulty in explaining and the lack of relevance to you makes it a waste of time. I’ll see you at 4 tomorrow. Don’t be late. - M. 

[Monday, 9:13 pm]

[SMS: Mere] I’m not even going to bother attempting to understand that, but sensing there’s an insult in somewhere, I’m offended. But sure. I won’t. - M.


                                “No, she’s not home.”

                          Turning back to the small screen, he said through the speaker, just as he pressed the button that would unlock the front wrought iron gate, “Door’s unlocked.”

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→ Happy 30th birthday Harry Lloyd!

Harry Lloyd, as part of the forthcoming New Portraits Exhibition at Four Corners, London, November 27th-December 6th 2013

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Anonymous said:
Funny how yotr outlook has changed, good funny though. Is that cause you've met someone you think you want to marry?

"That’s not the reason - I visited my niece the other day, and she was watching High School Musical."


"I realised I need to get my head in the game."

 therestlessfox said: what is this ‘common sense’ you speak of?


Anonymous said:
Despite thewhole... incident with a certain consulting criminal, do you believe you'll still get married one day?


"I have other fingers."

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